Repair tools Set-ชุดเครื่องมือช่าง


Activated And Charging Jig K-9208

Product Name:K-9208INTELLIGENT FUNCTIONS OF RECOGNIZING ELECTRODEIt can support the model of 4G, 4S,..

Apple Battery speed charge / activation K-9210

Product Name:K-9210Batch operation、Protection in place、Visual display、Circuit protection 、Low activa..

Battery Activate Board K-9206

Product Name:K-9206· Phone battery charge and  ctivation plate board IC testing board.· 6-in-1 ..

Battery Activation Charge Board K-9201

Product Name:K-9201· iPhone battery charge and  ctivation plate board IC testing board.· 6-in-1..

Battery Activation Charge Board K-9202

Product Name:K-9202·Newly adding iPad line to support iPad battery◆For 4G、4S、5G、5S/5C、6G、6P/6S/6SP◆F..

BGA Holder Repair Tools K-1210

Product Name:K-1210· PCB holder repair tool set is a good helper for repairing PCB.· A complete cell..

DIY Flux paste K-4105

Product Name:K-4105The solder paste after DIY by our product can make welding spot more shiny and fu..

iPhone Opening Tools K-3626

0.8★screwdriver1.2★screwdriver1.2+ screwdriver2.0- screwdriverI5screw plateSpecial tools of the capa..

iPhone Opening Tools K-3688

Product Name:K-3688·Portable and multifunctional phone opening tool set.·Saving effort cell phone re..

iPhone5 Opening Tools K-1805

1*I5 screw plate1*Protective film tools1*Capacitive screen-specific tools1*Crowbar2*Boot Disk1*Octop..

Phone Repair Apple Power Line K-9301

Product Name:K-9301+1.Kaisi brand repair tools.2.iPhone Battery charging and repairing power cable.3..

Smartphone Special Foil Package Tools K-1202

1*Protective film tools*1*Capacitive screen-specific tools2*Boot Disk: Open the cabinet dedicated1*C..